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Title: the international fashion products
Post by: liuyi on July 06, 2017, 03:29:21 AM
should the relevant departments of China's requirements, Nabi has GOLDENBUTTERFLY and butterfly pattern from Germany in 1996 for the first time into China and the historical process in Beijing GOLDENBUTTERFLY Chinese trademark registration has been through: "Butterfly", "Kingdee" final registration for the success.how to secure pallets to the ground (http://roofgardendeck.com/patio-floor/6624.html)
of the first German company through the German legal procedures that: Germany's city, state and federal notary to confirm the three, : "Nabi". Today, Nabi flooring has been in China's major provinces and cities to establish a sound sales and after-sales service network. Nabi flooring dealers and partners all over China and overseas.roof garden deck (http://roofgardendeck.com)
Will be the international fashion products, environmental philosophy and natural taste, through the film flooring to millions of households. Nabi flooring has won: China Building Materials "top ten floor assured brand", "China's flooring industry reputation brand", "excellent market influence brand" and many other honors.hard plastic sheets 4x8 garden fence (http://roofgardendeck.com/backyard-fence/193.html)