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Title: developer named Matheus Valadares created Agar.io
Post by: z2ugame on October 29, 2020, 07:41:31 AM
Agar.io Coins (https://www.z2u.com/agar-io/Gold-1-11424) Agar.io is amazingly easy to play. You start as a little cell and you must float around a game board collecting miniature cells. As you collect more you grow in size and as you grow in size  you grow in power. The game play is strikingly similar to Osmos HD and those who have played that game already know how this one works.Each game board is populated by a certain number players. As you get bigger your goal is to either absorb your opponents if they’re smaller or avoid being absorbed by your larger opponents.

Agar.io Money (https://www.z2u.com/agar-io/Gold-1-11424) In 2015 a Brazilian developer named Matheus Valadares created Agar.io game which quickly became a sensation among online gamers. As a result several developers tried their hands with this newfound genre and created games with different perspective and mechanics. Gradually a whole new gaming genre was born and at present there are thousands of games like Agar.io. So for this article we went through a multitude of io games and found the 12 best Agar.io alternatives which have similar eat and grow theme and excellent mechanics.

The news comes as part of Miniclip's announcement that its portfolio of games has surpassed one billion downloads combined. Agar.io is only the second most popular game – 8 Ball Pool has managed 302 million downloads on mobile.The publisher isn't leaving Agar.io alone however. Small promised that new features are planned to launch in the game in the next few weeks.You can find out more about Agar.io's success and how Miniclip managed so many downloads overall in our interview with Small.