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Title: Auto-host Feature in the Domain Manager of the Paid Hosting
Post by: XYLEM on June 27, 2007, 09:01:57 AM
As we have announced in April, a new Domain Manager in the web Control panel of the paid hosting plans has been released. There were a lot of new features but a new one called "auto-host", has been implemented for your convenience. You know that until now, each domain that has been registered or transferred through the Domain Manager had to be added manually to the Hosted Domains section in order to be hosted it in your web hosting account.

The domain registration / transfer order procedure has been modified slightly but just enough to make it smarter. Now it asks whether you want to add automatically for hosting the domain that you are registering or transferring, instead of leaving it with a "floating" status to manage it later.

The full story HERE (http://50webs.com/news/paid_hosting_auto_host_domain_manager.html.html)