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1  General Forum / General chat. / Floor decoration style on: July 05, 2017, 10:15:32 AM
Modern decoration, more and more people to pursue the family's "personality", we refused to standard room, now people pay more and more attention to the impact of floor style on home decoration, floor style with more and more options, How to choose the appropriate floor style, floor, what style, has become a science.horse stalls plastic composite decorative

Simple style of the floor for the strengthening of composite floor; to white, light yellow surface-based; features simple and smooth texture. This style of the floor can choose to match the metal class, solid color furniture, unique luster can give the space fashion sense doubled, with comfort and beautiful coexistence of feelings. Light-colored floor with fabric gray sofa, simple and stylish, full of literary and artistic, to meet the modern pursuit of nature, return to the psychological needs of life.plywood composite board for sale

Post-modern style of the floor for the strengthening of composite flooring; different colors, the common surface for the mixed or gray; is characterized by exaggerated texture deformation. This style of the floor emphasizes the connection with the space, you can choose a lot of furniture categories, mix and match, perhaps the best way to match. Wood flooring and blue floor and white, the use of irregular laying method, flexible and vivid, to bring more imagination of the child, restore a playful world, every parent wants to do.panel door manufacturers ireland
2  General Forum / General chat. / The color of the floor is the most dirty on: June 29, 2017, 08:48:31 AM
The floor is very easy to dirty, especially in the haze days, even if you are dragging every day, and soon there will be a layer of ash on the floor. So a lot of ready to decorate the pro will ask: What color of the floor of the most dirty it?outdoor courtyard fencing

Gray series is the past few years, Europe and the United States more popular colors, low-key, the atmosphere, and the most possession of dust. White is the most impatient, but the white floor of the floor is white + wood texture, which not only enhance the three-dimensional effect, but also retains the texture of the logs, but also the depth of natural color, more natural. Even if there are stains, it is difficult to see out. Close to the wood color, natural fresh, the floor of the wood texture elegant and natural, to create a clear room space.the sale of the terrace flooring is cheap

Most people think that the dark floor dirty, in fact, the dark, high brightness of the floor is actually the most dirty, as long as there is a little dust or hair can be seen, this stick with the black car sticky gray feel dirty is the same reason.27 feet the pool deck
3  General Forum / General chat. / Hardcover floor acceptance on: June 26, 2017, 09:02:58 AM
Fine decoration of the floor of the problem has always been more prominent, a serious impact will directly affect the quality of housing and overall beauty and human health. So the floor acceptance is fine decoration room acceptance process an important part. Acceptance first depends on whether the color of the floor is consistent. If the color is too large, the direct impact of beauty, you can ask for exchange; if the color is too consistent no color, see the surface of the floor pattern is the same; if the pattern is almost the same, it may be art floor, rather than the so-called valuable wood species floor The what thickness can i get composite decking

Everyone in the inspection room can be on the floor back and forth, the footsteps should be increased, especially by the wall parts and the door parts and more attention, found that the sound of the parts to be repeated to move to determine the specific location of the sound mark. Beijia floor to remind you that, encountered such a situation, should be required to remove the resurfacing. There are sound parts of the construction workers in the construction process is not standardized and the use of materials caused by failure: the operation is not standardized mainly in the keel fixed is not strong; material failure is mainly reflected in the keel without drying. In addition, some decoration construction units with untreated keel construction, the surface to see the traces of drying, in fact, did not dry.in market polywood lumber prices

More common is because the keel untreated, there are borers. Such as the discovery is not timely, and so found a bite, the floor has been almost the same. Creases and scratches can be seen directly with the naked eye. But for the floor scratches the country has expressly stipulated: solid wood flooring gap should not be greater than 0.5 mm; scratches are mainly caused by rough decoration, such as waxing method can not be repaired, it must be replaced.composite decking suppliers malta
4  General Forum / General chat. / Plastic floor in the outdoors can be maintenance-free on: June 23, 2017, 02:32:11 AM
Wood-plastic products used in the wild can be protected from the wood, the use of wood in the field is basically a year need to do a protection, and wood-plastic materials, wild goods do not need to protect every year, so the quality of wood plastic materials protection far Lower than wood products.build double gate for wood fence

Good processing characteristics. Able to carry a saw, planer, car, cut, nail Drilling, grinding, and grip nail force is significantly better than other synthetic information. But also to Rewan, bonding, painting and other secondary processing to facilitate the production of a variety of standards, scales, shapes, thickness of the finished product, supply a variety of planning, color and wood products. Good shape stability, wood-plastic products, the shape of the scale will not crack, crack, easy to warp deformation, no wood scarring, twill, stain, enzyme and other shortcomings.wood physical properties

It is resistant to strong acid and alkali, water and corrosion resistance, and does not propagate bacteria, is not easy to be insects, not long fungus, anti-aging , Corrosion resistance, small water absorption, good flame resistance, zero formaldehyde, no pollution, good anti-enzyme sterilization, the normal use of outdoor environment can be used more than 20 years in the indoor environment can be a longer period of time. Recyclable use, wood-plastic composite materials can be reused and can be 100% recycled and re-use, with biodegradability, does not contain any harmful ingredients, protect the forest resources and ecological environment, the new century is a new environmentally friendly data.composite wood deck outdoor chair
5  General Forum / General chat. / The main factor in the purchase of children's flooring on: June 22, 2017, 05:51:37 AM
There are many users to choose children's treasure children's floor or plastic floor, when the children's plastic flooring prices, life and other factors most attention, and often overlooked some very important details. Especially the laying of children's plastic floor, the user is younger, should strengthen the attention to detail.outdoor composite chairs plans

From the child's point of view, children do not consider whether the plastic floor is clean, but their own step on, lying on or lying on the floor feeling comfortable, fall is pain. So for the children, the comfort of the floor is very important, it is best to use a soft texture of the floor to lay the work, and cleaning problems are adults to consider.plastic flooring for patio

Children often like to sit on the ground and even lying on the ground to play, so this requires children's floors must be environmentally friendly non-toxic characteristics. In particular, children are in the early stages of growth and development, physical development is not complete, poor resistance, so the regular production of professional manufacturers strong, completely non-toxic environmental protection, no smell of plastic flooring is the best choice for the children. Do not use the floor on the floor of the floor to carry out the floor of the pavement work, after the laying of the work also pay attention to check whether to leave large or small gap. Because any of the items left in the gap will pose a threat to the safety of the child, and the lines are obvious or the gap is too large, just learn to walk children children, it is easy to cause tripping or bump injury and other injuries.rebound recycled plastic lumber
6  General Forum / General chat. / Geothermal floor cracking maintenance on: June 21, 2017, 09:14:25 AM
"Geothermal floor" is only suitable for geothermal pavement of the floor collectively. Currently on the market for geothermal pavement of the floor is mainly to strengthen the composite flooring and solid wood flooring, but at the same time these two floors are also suitable for no geothermal conditions of the decoration pavement. Therefore, the so-called "geothermal floor" is not just pavement in the geothermal ground.adding bench to deck Spain

The main reason for the cracking of the floor comes from humidity, not temperature. In addition, the higher the air temperature, the more saturated the state of water, that is, the humidity inside the house in winter even higher than the outdoor. This time will be outside the cold air in exchange, will only make the room more dry. Equipped with an air humidifier is very direct and effective. Experts said the room humidity is best controlled at about 50%.

Winter sometimes there will be rapid warming and rapid cooling of the situation. Experts suggest that indoor heating should be avoided as much as possible, especially in the geothermal opening and closing process to be gradual, the temperature of the sudden rise and fall will affect the life of the floor. According to expert advice, we know that the use of geothermal flooring in addition to its own quality and has a very important relationship, the use of the environment and the use of habits is also essential. Must pay attention to the room humidity and temperature, which is not only good for the floor, in fact, for their own body is also good, so we may wish to pay more attention.wpc polypropylene economics
7  General Forum / General chat. / Flooring products trend trend on: June 20, 2017, 08:55:23 AM
Wood-plastic composite materials in recent years only appeared in the new environmentally friendly building materials, wood-plastic products used in raw materials available waste plastics and waste wood, agriculture, forestry, orange and other plant fiber as the substrate, without any harmful ingredients. And can be recycled again and again, called the true sense of the environmental protection, energy saving, renewable resources, the use of innovative products.composite horizonal fencing

With the increase of the importance of environmental resources, the recycling economy development model with waste material recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources has become the trend of world economic development. Vigorously develop the resource recycling technology, will have a profound impact on the national economic development and environmental sustainable development. The use of waste plastics and wood fiber production of wood-plastic composite materials is to adapt to this requirement a good project.pergola diy in malaysia

For the decoration company, easy to install, can greatly save the cost of construction materials, labor costs and duration costs. Duration advantage can improve the successful bid rate of the project, but also have the opportunity to undertake more in advance of other projects for enterprises to win more benefits. Product waterproof, moisture, corrosion, deformation characteristics can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance services after the completion of the project.build workbench with pvc
8  General Forum / General chat. / Peace of mind to buy wood flooring on: June 19, 2017, 09:21:16 AM
Wood flooring because of its excellent practical performance, gradually accepted and used to the decoration. Wood-plastic composite sheet is a kind of wood-based materials and thermoplastic polymer materials and processing aids, mixed and then by the mold equipment heating and extrusion molding made of high-tech green materials, both wood and plastic Performance and features, can replace wood and plastic new environmentally friendly high-tech materials, and wood with the same processing characteristics, the use of ordinary tools can be sawing, drilling, on the nail, very convenient, can be used as ordinary wood.marine decking prices

Many consumers think that with the new wood-plastic composite materials made of wood-plastic floor contains a lot of methanol toxic substances, is actually the case, for the release of wood flooring methanol state has strict rules, as long as the control within a reasonable range Can be assured of use.wpc post toronto pagola

Light shop wood flooring is not enough, in order to be able to have a better foot feeling, a lot of people will be covered in a layer of big keel on the keel. Ignore is that the quality of the big core board are generally poor, covered with poor quality of the big core board instead of wood flooring pavement effect caused a great impact. So, if you insist on to add a large core board, then, we must choose the quality of Kaopu.big plastic dustbin manufacture in dubai
9  General Forum / General chat. / Pvc floor cleaning method on: June 13, 2017, 09:51:11 AM
Drying: Remove dust and dirt from the floor. Use dry or moist yarn, microfiber or other available dry mop.
Clean the vacuum cleaner: Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and loose dirt on the floor.
In the restricted area of ​​operation, this cleaning method can be used instead of the mop.the best composite decking material

Moisturizing: You should first use the water or detergent to smooth the mop, by using a special cleaning winch to squeeze the excess water out of the mop, and you can also spray water or detergent on the mop. Be careful not to have water on the floor. Within 15-20 seconds after the end of the wipe, the floor must be completely dry.clear plastic covered deck panels

Remove the stains: the diluted neutral detergent directly sprayed on the stains, and then use white or red nylon cleaning pad until the stains removed, and finally wipe clean with water.
Multi-function wiping machine: For areas where the cleaning task is very heavy, it is recommended to use a multi-function wipe machine to clean the floor and scrub the floor and collect the sewage in a cleaning step. You can use the brush and the cleaning pad to complete the cleaning work. Often use beige / red cleaning mats. You can use different sizes of power-driven or battery-driven wipe machine, as well as with a brush brush machine.gazebo supplier in Malacca Malaysia
10  General Forum / General chat. / Pavement conservation concept on: June 07, 2017, 08:45:12 AM
Maintenance workers are skilled operation of the multi-purpose maintenance vehicles, cutting machines and so on, to show you the multi-purpose maintenance asphalt pavement pit repair technology.chicago milling asphalt cost

Skilled road maintenance operators first use chalk to draw the scope of repair, cutting machine along the cutting, and then picking out the hopper, iron pick clear edge of the waste, with a hair dryer to clean the pits, and then emulsified asphalt evenly coated brush. And then has been in the multi-functional car has been mixed with the asphalt mixture into the pit, and with the edge of the pits on the edge of the treatment. A series of processes using pipeline operations, naturally skilled, at one go.online sale asphalt frost heave repair machine

Road maintenance work, and actively promote the socialization of conservation, scientific and technological conservation, mechanization and conservation of market maintenance, and actively use the new technology in the conservation work.Vibratory Roller Prices
11  General Forum / General chat. / What are the types of asphalt? on: June 06, 2017, 09:59:43 AM
    Asphalt can be divided into coal tar asphalt, asphalt and natural asphalt three kinds:
    First, coal tar pitch: coal tar pitch is a byproduct of coking, there is no obvious boundaries, the general division method is to specify the softening point at 26.7 ℃ (cubic method) for the following tar, 26.7 ℃ above the asphalt. Coal tar pitch mainly contains volatile anthracene, phenanthrene, pyrene and so on. These substances are toxic, because the content of these components are different, so the nature is different. The change of temperature has great influence on coal tar pitch, which is easy to brittle in winter and easy to soften in summer. Heating with a special smell; heated to 260 ℃ in 5 hours later, it contains anthracene, phenanthrene, pyrene and other ingredients will be volatile.cheap asphalt pavement roller

    Second, the oil asphalt: oil asphalt is the residue after distillation of crude oil. According to the degree of extraction of different, at room temperature into a liquid, semi-solid or solid. Oil asphalt black, asphalt road and thus shiny, with a high temperature. Because it is in the production process has been distilled to 400 ℃ or more, and thus contains very little volatile components, these substances are more or less harmful to human health.concrete alligator cracks garage

    Third, natural asphalt: natural asphalt stored in the ground, and some of the formation of ore or in the crustal surface accumulation. Most of this asphalt through natural evaporation, oxidation, generally does not contain any toxins. Under normal circumstances, asphalt material is divided into asphalt and tar asphalt two categories. Asphalt is divided into natural asphalt and petroleum asphalt, natural asphalt is the oil exudation surface after long-term exposure and evaporation of the residue; after the appropriate process to deal with the product. Tar asphalt is coal, wood and other organic dry distillation processing of the tar after re-processing products. Most of the asphalt used in the project is petroleum asphalt, and petroleum asphalt is a mixture of complex hydrocarbons and their nonmetallic derivatives. Usually the asphalt flash point between 240 ℃ ~ 330 ℃, the ignition point than the flash point of about 3 ℃ ~ 6 ℃, so the construction temperature should be controlled below the flash point.best cheap asphalt maintenance machine
12  General Forum / General chat. / Application of Floor Floor Grinding Machine on: June 05, 2017, 09:06:59 AM
Grinding machine is not only suitable for concrete ground floor grinding, leveling, cleaning the surface of the floating slurry and remove the old epoxy thin coating, the same suitable for grinding epoxy putty layer and epoxy mortar layer, and improve the flatness. What are the characteristics of the grinding machine?concrete pavement sealing machine a caca

1. Ground, terrazzo, aggregate, flint or granite leveling, grinding, polishing and so on.

2. The grinding of the epoxy intermediate layer; smooth the rough surface or trowel traces.

3. Coating surface treatment, removal of surface adhesives and coating defects.rubberized asphalt emulsion crack filler

4. Remove the flaws on the surface of the mortar and smooth the plaques.

5. Remove the surface of the paint, polyurethane, epoxy and so on.

6. Clean, wax and polish the hardened floor.plant mix asphalt equipment for sale
13  General Forum / General chat. / The origin of small hand - held roller on: May 17, 2017, 09:04:59 AM
The small hand-held roller was first introduced in the United Kingdom in the 1980s, and a company called Pieve's machinery factory developed and produced the first small-scale roadbed. At that time the production of the roller is a very simple structure, the operation is not convenient.soil drum compactor
Hand-driven vibratory roller Features: small size, compact structure, easy to transport, work strength, high efficiency. And can be used with large-scale roller. Extra large water tank to reduce the trouble of back and forth, so that equipment can be increased for continuous working hours. Adjustable folding operation of the handle to the operator to bring a comfortable operating environment, easy to transport after folding or collection.rural road permanent asphalt repair
There is a self-compacting polyurethane automatic scraper on the pulley to prevent soil and asphalt from accumulating on the wheel and making the compaction more smooth. Higher road clearance and smaller side clearance. Particularly suitable for wall and road rock compaction.used asphalt tanker for sale
14  General Forum / Funny | Jokes | Short Stories Forum / Introduction to waterproof floor on: May 15, 2017, 07:07:01 AM
Waterproof flooring is a new type of waterproof and environmentally friendly composite materials, can meet the use of many environments, the waterproof performance is very strong, but also has a very good environmental role, not only in the use of non-toxic harmless and touch is also very Comfortable,buy wood composite panels india

Wood-plastic flooring is a new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, in the production of high-density fiberboard produced by the process of xylenol, adding recycled plastic through the granulation equipment made of wood-plastic composite materials, and then extrusion production group Made of wood flooring. Wood plastic outdoor flooring main material for the PE and wood flour or bamboo powder, after adding additives, high-speed mixing, the granulation, and then use the extruder to squeeze the pellets, such flooring can be used for landscape, villa Such as outdoor platform.best price non slip stair

If everyone on the floor of the home has not been a good selection and choice, and the living environment is also more humid or need to use the place often have water may wish to refer to the wood waterproof floor, wood waterproof floor waterproof performance of the larger part The floor is more powerful, and its color is also very bright and beautiful can bring beauty decoration.australian marine floors manufacturers
15  General Forum / General chat. / Not the same home decoration on: May 04, 2017, 09:13:42 AM
Many people prefer the gray tone of the home decoration, because the gray with a decent person to bring a different sense of high taste, home taste up! So when the gray + parquet floats will be different from the new inspiration?composite outside wall board

Pure white carpet, round a few, the ceiling is also elegant and elegant living room into a touch of Jing Yi and comfortable atmosphere. Elegant decoration pendant with personalized parquet flooring, for the elegant and elegant room to bring a touch of different artistic style, can not help but feel at home to enjoy their own enjoyment in the Paris style.outdoor square plastic decking

Bedroom light gray-based color of the room gives a calm and quiet sense of comfort. Study gray background wall, shelves and warm parquet floated under the shining lights, not only do not make people feel boring, but to add a little fine to the study of fashionable atmosphere. Bathroom gray marble with the word to fight the floor gives the rough atmosphere of the texture, full of exotic decorative ornaments so that in the space to add a little yan rhyme.build a wooden surround lazy spa
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