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1  General Forum / General chat. / Stylish and comfortable floor on: Today at 06:58:50 AM
Wooden flooring in the overall creation is an important finishing touch, black and white gray furniture used in its foil under the arbitrary distribution of the arbitrary, unique and typical lighting placed in the right place, loose light a little bit to meet the entire space Bright demand, practical, applicable and charm.calculate deck cost of composite

Wood floor on the wall, is the designer in this model between the use of one of the breakthrough, emitting a unique modern charm at the same time, and the stairs and the ground of the wooden decoration care, in the space with a saturated appearance of the beautiful Thecommercial decorative wall panels

Plastic wood flooring will become the trend of the future trend, for consumers, the wood flooring is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly products, not only can be a good control of harmful emissions, but also to do the role of waterproof and moisture on the ground. Plastic wood flooring, is a kind mainly by the wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as the base material and thermoplastic polymer materials (PE plastic) and processing aids, etc., mixed and then by the mold equipment heating extrusion molding system Into the high-tech green materials, both wood and plastic properties and characteristics, can replace wood and plastic new environmentally friendly high-tech your own composite wall panels

2  General Forum / General chat. / Flower three-dimensional decoration on: March 24, 2017, 06:34:49 AM
In recent years, the three-dimensional decoration of flowers in the modern city of landscaping more and more attention, flower three-dimensional decoration is relative to the general plane flower decoration in terms of a garden decoration approach, that is, through the appropriate carrier (various forms of containers and combinations The combination of garden color aesthetics and decorative greening principle, after a reasonable plant configuration, the decorative function of plants from the plane extension of space, the formation of facade or three-dimensional decorative effect, is a set of gardens, engineering, environmental art and other disciplines As one of the green way.calculate deck cost of composite

Whether it is the hustle and bustle of the city, or quiet country town, see the walls, balconies, windowsill, road poles, street fence, etc. at the basket, flower trough, flower ball, flower tower, etc., its style, colorful, Can be described as readily available, with the three-dimensional decoration of flowers to deepen the study, its development space is showing from small cities to small and medium-sized cities to expand the your own composite wall panels

3  General Forum / General chat. / Does the family lack warmth? Floor with a coup! on: March 22, 2017, 03:16:38 AM
The floor can be described as the decoration can best reflect the owner's personality and taste of a link, so absolutely can not be ignored. First to find the approximate style and color, according to this unified tone to layout is not easy to error. For example, simple home design, with a sense of design of the floor is very suitable for the whole space of personality; if it is a natural country style, to the natural wind home plan on sloping ground

If the living room with a classic black and white color, but let the elegant white elements become the protagonist, and fashionable black elements as a decorative embellishment interspersed among them. The ground is a clear texture of the floor, to the black and white space to bring a warm and natural feeling. Such as the original ecological floor paint is not any color, without any modification, authentic wood; new solid wood unique texture, style, production process rich diversity; antique floor texture natural, original, art; Installation, repair and convenience. Are very suitable for home decoration.composite exterior wall cladding cost

The lighting conditions of the room limit the choice of floor color range, good lighting room can choose the range and larger, the depth can be. And the lower floor, lighting is not sufficient room will have to pay attention to choose a higher brightness, color suitable for the ground material, as far as possible to avoid the use of darker materials. In addition, the warm tone for the expansion of color, cool color for the shrink color. Therefore, the small area of ​​the room to choose a dark tone of the cool, or simple and bright floor, people have the feeling of expanding the area.insulated composite truck floors

4  General Forum / General chat. / Create a romantic North American style on: March 21, 2017, 03:01:10 AM
Many popular decorative styles and decorative materials in Europe and America has been more classic, in the floor wood species, environmentally friendly wood flooring is now very popular in the market. Wood flooring is a new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite materials, wood-plastic flooring high environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free, recyclable, therefore, it is the most widely used flooraverage cost of inside stair railing

Wood products are widely used in furniture, flooring and indoor wood line. The appearance of the floor texture and solid wood similar, but the wood-plastic floor is not cracked, no expansion, no deformation, no maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, save post-repair and maintenance costs. Than most of the ruled, rough texture of the wood is more diverse and aesthetic, can be recycled to save a lot of wood use. Wood flooring installation is simple, convenient construction, do not need complicated construction technology, saving installation time and costhow to build a cheap exterior dance floor

Imitation hand scratched antique floor texture elegant and comfortable, the appearance of antique and slightly aggressive style, wood plastic floor of the most charming is the shape, lines and tones delicate and elegant, intriguing. Is the ideal choice to build American decking on slope in Korea

5  General Forum / General chat. / Home floor color with Raiders on: March 16, 2017, 05:34:47 AM
Jumping rich colors soft ride can make the whole family looks like a candy-like sweet feeling, the ground color as a foil behind the furniture color, different colors give us a different sense of vision, to create a different atmosphere and psychological feelings. The choice of floor color and decoration style also has a great relationship.contemporary garden decking
The lighting conditions in the house determine the choice of floor color range. Good lighting, regardless of the depth of the floor will be very nice; poor lighting room, should avoid the use of dark floor, this will appear more dull room. On the contrary, you can use the warm color of the light-colored floor to enhance the brightness of space, increase comfort.plastic composite lumber 1x9 lumber
From the tone, light-colored furniture can be combined with the depth of the color of the floor, but dark furniture and dark floor with the easy to make the whole room too dark and feel depressed. Because the ground decoration is a permanent decoration, under normal circumstances will not often change, so still choose the more neutral color of the most insurance.
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6  General Forum / General chat. / How to get out of personality wind on: March 15, 2017, 05:21:54 AM

  Many people in the decoration will become a headache, do not know what to pretend to look like what kind of style, do not know how to install. In the home improvement, the ground decoration is the key project in the home improvement, and now many consumers in order to maintain the unity of the interior style, more and more people choose wood flooring as the main space at home ground material.where to buy 3d wall panels
Simple stitching dark wood flooring put a piece of carpet, and then a comfortable chair, the space of the literary atmosphere has been sketched out. And freehand frescoes, iron cut off and the use of postmodern decorations, so that this space literary Fan full. The floor of the balcony is covered with white plates, and the glass is on the wall, so that the balcony space is visually extended. The balcony placed a few pots of flowers and plants, quite vitality. The use of floral tablecloth makes this space more lively and dynamic.composite porch designs
Wooden floor texture natural, in the sun shining as if smell the smell of wood. Simple white with wood flooring to outline a clear and clear base tones. This space does not need too many accessories, simple furniture can be placed to create a decent and comfortable space.Wholesale Wood Plastic Composite Deck - Seven Trust
7  General Forum / General chat. / Anti-corrosion Sunscreen Wooden balcony on: March 14, 2017, 07:03:31 AM
The balcony laying anti-corrosion wood flooring, it does not prevent us to raise a few pots of plants, put a rocking chair, you can barefoot on the balcony and close contact with nature Oh! Balcony floor laying also have tips, but it is easy to open the cleaning off the dust, so do not worry about cleaning problems Oh!plastic lumber for outdoor steps
Balcony a little narrow, you can put a Happy chair; wide point, you can put a beautiful small tables and chairs; and large open balcony, a beautiful umbrella is essential. And then put a few unique ornaments, the balcony suddenly seemed vivid. While the long strip of the balcony, sometimes can be considered to make a sun room bedroom Oh! Wake up in the sun in the morning, sleep in the forest in the evening, every moment and naturally fit!composite decking thailand
Whether it is the city's reinforced concrete forest, or rural farmhouse resting hut, has long been the world of ceramic tile paint the ground, and the balcony is the closest living place in the room, should be considered with natural materials, we can take the modern Lee, with rust-proof wood or wood-plastic floor to build a wooden balcony, no longer have a sense of cold feet, only cruising nature of the fresh and happy!Wholesale Wood Plastic Composite Deck - Seven Trust
8  General Forum / General chat. / Paved with an American style wooden floor on: March 13, 2017, 07:29:14 AM
American home stresses nature, the original ecology, strong, durable, American flooring is the case. American flooring to abandon too much cumbersome and luxurious, both simple and neat, and warm and comfortable, attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life, fully showing a simple flavor. Wooden floor is the first choice for many home decoration materials, in addition to the purchase stage need to pay attention to, wood flooring installation is also a very important thing in the home decoration, if improper installation, it will affect the floor life and overall beautycomposite porch designs
American classical style of the floor, the design of retro, the color is relatively heavy, but more classic than the European-style floor and relatively lively, with the retro and yet warm and comfortable atmosphere. Modernism of the floor of the classical refusal to the clear, modern lines to the performance of classical elements, with warm colors, to maintain gorgeous retro at the same time, without losing the practicality. For a simple, casual and mashup temperament of the modernist style, with a single element in which there is no excessive constraints, in general, as long as it is simple, color texture, there are some fine floor, can be with the good With effect.wooden yard wall
Quiet, natural, indifferent to the American style of the pastoral style, so in general, back to nature of the light-colored wood, or color saturation is low, the use of fresh and elegant texture to reflect the natural wood texture of wood flooring, are with the rural pastoral style The best choice.
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9  General Forum / General chat. / It is chop hand tastes is it on: March 10, 2017, 06:11:58 AM
Antiseptic wood flooring is the finished product of ordinary wood after antiseptic processing. In other words, through the anti-corrosion treatment to enhance the performance of ordinary wood, so that it has anti-corrosion, mold, moth, anti-termite function. In general, antiseptic wood flooring is suitable for outdoor environments. At the same time, can also be used directly with the water, soil contact environment.what do composite shutters cost
In addition. Carbonized wood flooring is a wood preservative wood flooring called wood, also known as heat-treated wood flooring. Carbonized wood flooring production method is the effective nutrition of wood charcoal, cut off the survival of the nutritional chain to achieve corrosion, is the real green building materials, environmentally friendly building materials.wpc material deck floor covering
Quiet life, people yearn for, and sometimes, with a preservative wood flooring to create a sweet and comfortable balcony, you can let yourself stay away from the world trouble, enjoy the sunshine, feel the breeze blowing the cool.
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10  General Forum / General chat. / Market Analysis of Wood on: January 12, 2017, 03:38:49 AM
With the people's attention to environmental protection, environmental protection in recent years, the development of wood-plastic market can be described as in full swing, then the current market situation is what?outdoor mats for composite decks

WPC is a very young industry, but its growth history, but more than 10 years, no matter from which aspects are still immature, and now the market compared with the previous market, wood-plastic composite materials and finished products growth is still quite Large space. At present, the wood-plastic composite material design, manufacture has reached the international advanced level, many products have been replaced by wood materials.mid century modern wood squares paneling

  Wood-plastic materials industry in North America as the representative of the North American region is the world's fastest growing and largest amount of wood-plastic composite materials, mainly for the rough style of outdoor construction, wood-plastic products and their manufacturing technology are not the pursuit of exquisite . The past 10 years, the US wood-plastic market growth rates are maintained at 10%, especially in the past 5 years, particularly fast growth in 2009, wood-plastic materials production and sales of about 70 million tons. Now the United States about 50 or so wood-plastic enterprises, has formed a complete industrial chain, which is characterized by large-scale, high output, with an annual output of more than 10,000 tons in general.scratches composite decking
11  General Forum / General chat. / Environmental protection of the wood-plastic railings on: January 11, 2017, 04:18:12 AM

Many people have asked what is wood-plastic railings, how not heard of also strange, it is normal, because it is a new product in foreign countries have not yet been popularized to most of the domestic use of the people gradually Increased, because it's a lot of advantages, is bound to win in the competition, then wood-plastic railings have to say which advantages?advantages of plastic laminate sheets

Wood-plastic railings look beautiful, although it is not wood, but its texture is very beautiful, natural. There are scars on the top of the wood, but it does not, and its stability is higher than the wood, no cracks, will not be deformed and tilted, its color is also a lot, do not have another color, its color retention time Very long, very shiny fresh does not change color.mechanical properties of wood plastic composite plank in marine

Wood is a new material, is very environmentally friendly, so there is good development prospects, whether in foreign countries or in the country, it has not been widely used, because after all, time is still short, the process and time, but it The advantage is unstoppable, can not be replaced. It is bound to become the people like building materials, wood plastic railings can be the old plastic materials, crop stalks, etc., so it is safe, and the most important thing is that it can be recycled, it is very environmentally conscious, Therefore, our wood-plastic railings are regeneration of the savings of new products.ventilation grilles plastic furniture

12  General Forum / General chat. / Thermoplastic wood - plastic composite materials on: January 09, 2017, 05:21:28 AM

Thermoplastic WPC is made of wood fiber or plant fiber filled, enhanced, by hot pressing compound, melt extrusion and other different processing methods made of modified thermoplastic materials. With the global resources in recent years, the growing depletion of environmental awareness has increased, the application of wood and petrochemical products put forward higher requirements. In this context, wood-plastic composite materials that can play the advantages of the various components in the material, to overcome the low strength of wood, variability and low elastic modulus of organic materials caused by the use of limitations, but also make full use of Discarded wood and plastic to reduce environmental pollution.Wooden Plastic Composite Material In India

At present, increasing the value-added materials, more and more people have been widespread concern. Nowadays, the research focuses on the research and development of the research and development of the research and development of the research and development of the research and development of the wood industry. As raw materials, by extrusion, injection molding, compression molding made of composite materials. From the production of raw materials, wood-plastic composite materials can be used a variety of waste plastics, waste wood and crop residues. Therefore, the development and application of wood-plastic composites can help to reduce the pollution of plastic wastes and reduce the environmental pollution caused by agricultural waste hotel external wall cladding
Wood-plastic composite material production and use, will not be distributed to the surrounding environment of the harm to human health volatiles, the material itself can be recycled, is a new green products, but also an ecological clean composite materials. Therefore, the study of the preparation and processing of wood-plastic composites, contains a huge economic and environmental benefits.cheapest way to mak outdoor flooring
13  General Forum / General chat. / What kind of road roller on: January 05, 2017, 07:19:27 AM

With regard to the function of the small roller we say he represents the success of the traditional manufacturing industry, while producing high levels of contemporary themes, to achieve the requirements of high stability and reliability. This is the benefits of large roller machine can not be replaced. The utility model has the advantages of small size, compact structure, convenient transportation, large work force and strong obedience, and is the most important characteristic of a small roller.Hand single drum roller.
Super large tanks reduce the added trouble, so that equipment can increase the working hours. The utility model relates to an adjustable folding handle, which provides a comfortable operating environment for the operator. A small drum should carefully choose the classification is based on the reality of the theme, above is the classification of small roller, how to accurately choose different models, today we come from analysis of national road or route two highway and bus lane, the compaction compaction ability should be larger by 6 ~ 10t; for the three follow the road or not, often compaction,Driving single drum roller
Best equipped with about 2T mobile innocence vibroll. For the cement concrete pavement, vibration roller driving series tire; for senior road bottom, the best choice of tire roller or wheel driving vibratory compaction, in order to obtain compact uniform; for asphalt concrete pavement, the driver should use the vibroll; pavement repair optional static flat roller wheel.
14  General Forum / General chat. / We cherish the use of long road on: January 04, 2017, 03:24:42 AM

Small roller remind everyone in the course of daily traffic should be careful to cherish the road, if it is a large super-heavy vehicles must see the road there is no sign to prohibit patency, the usual road will have to bear the maximum load of a standard , If the violation will have a positive impact on the road, here to explain to you about the maintenance of the above topics on the road, a small road roller manufacturers are professional manufacturers of road repair machinery, but we Bingzhuo responsible attitude to tell you things Rolling and road maintenance methods Road maintenance Timely destruction of road sludge, dust, debris, keep the road neat. Timely eliminate road surface water, keep the road dry.Hand single drum roller.

Timely elimination of road surface snow, water, sand, to keep the road traffic smoothly. Gravel pavement leveling, repair rut, repair pit slot, add the local wear layer. Pavement minor repair Asphalt pavement in time to deal with the pit, loose, subsidence, jumping, cracks, frost boiling and other local diseases. Patching of cement concrete pavement edge of the seam and plug the cracks, local treatment and adjust the flatness. Local processing of gravel road surface frost, deformation, add stable material, the whole patch wear layer or grouting sand. After the road is necessary to repair our relevant departments to formulate a response to the development of the program is a key way to cherish this.Driving single drum roller
15  General Forum / General chat. / Nursery industry demand for excavators on: December 30, 2016, 12:43:19 AM

Many industries, labor costs are very low, seedling production is one of them. But now, this situation is changing, labor costs are getting higher and higher. In this case, Integrated maintenance vehicles

Raising the nursery is the most important part of the cost of sales to occupy a large proportion. The increase in seedling wages has prompted many nursery schools to use dredge rather than labor. For large acres on the nursery, the use of excavators can achieve efficiency and cost reduction. Powder spreader

Dredging machine is crawler, the maximum speed of up to 20 km per hour. Automatic digging 15 cm in diameter trees, just 2 to 3 minutes, is more than 20 times the efficiency of artificial. Dredging machine hydraulic braking, high positioning accuracy, fast excavation, the destruction of trees is small, greatly improving the survival rate of trees.
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