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Author Topic: PHP v6 Now Supported On The Paid Hosting Plans  (Read 5091 times)
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PHP v6 Now Supported On The Paid Hosting Plans

The Administrators Department of 50Webs is glad to inform you that support of PHP v6 was added today.

PHP v6 is a brand new version that needs yet to be stabilized online. For the moment, the version is recommended preferably for test purposes and experimental use. We decided to introduce the new version earlier in advance, before it has been officially confirmed as a stable release, because there are already lots of users interested in developing and sustaining dynamic web presence through PHP v6. Our introduction is therefore for all of you impatient to test the new release!

The most noteworthy feature in PHP v6 is the Unicode support, coming as a timely response to the global software world's tendency of moving towards language and cultural sensitivity. If you wish to implement the new PHP support, please, switch to version 6 from the 'PHP settings' section in your Web Hosting Control Panel, or simply run your files with the extension of ".php6".


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