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Moyea Flash Video MX SDK V2 is to help server applications to convert the uploaded videos from virtually any format to Flash video (FLV), Flash (SWF), and AAC/H.264 MP4! With it you can build a video website like that of YouTube, Google video, Yahoo! Video, etc.

This program is also widely used in multimedia applications for video to FLV, SWF conversion under C/++, Visual Basic, Delphi, ASP, .NET, ColdFusion, and so on.

Enhanced by multiple and dynamic functions like powerful parameter settings with a Flash Player, thumbnail for the video content, batch conversion, templates, video effects, etc. It will serve server applications well and fulfill the need of multimedia applications!

Key Features:

Convert video and audio from virtually any format
Windows media (AVI, WMV, ASF, WMA, WAV, using any AVI/WM codec like Divx, Xvid, etc); QuickTime (MOV, QT, DV, AAC, AIF/AIFF, using any QuickTime codec), and MPEG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3).

All kinds of FLVs are available
Sorenson Spark (H.263) FLV, On2 VP6 FLV, and On2 VP6 with alpha encoded FLV are all available. Support to generate H.264 encoded MP4 files.

Available for a wide range of programming languages
This SDK is available with two different interfaces: COM and Command line, making it usable from virtually any programming language like Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, ASP, .Net, ColdFusion, etc.

Allow to place an image or text watermark over the video
A solid or transparent image or text can be placed over the video.

Powerful audio settings
Removing or Replacement of the existing audio track is allowed. Full volume control is also available.

Powerful video settings
Brightness and contrast adjustments, parameter settings, video cropping, video trimming, and video resizing, etc.

Video/audio sequencing
Several source video and audio files can be sequenced into a single FLV file. If continue for the SWF file by calling the FLV2SWF tool, then a single SWF file can be arrived at.

Handy snapshots
Either you are to run the conversion or not, you are allowed to capture random frames or at a particular time point, or to generate a series of images with a set template.

Process priority
Allow to set process priority for the conversion.

Support to lock the process to a specific processor
Allow to lock the process to a certain processor under multi-processor CPU, avoiding interference of processes to achieve a faster conversion with less CPU occupation.

Simultaneous encoding
The SDK allows converting piles of files at a time with efficiency.

Fine video and audio sync
No audio crackling, video freezing, or playback stuck! Feel the results with the smooth playback!

Deinterlacing utilized
Support video deinterlacing to remove the artifacts for a better display of videos on the computer. DV, DVD and HDV content can't benefit more.
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