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Cloud Vs Dedicated Hosting
For startups approaches to building an application and the infrastructure to run it on:
A) Pessimistic - Build it quickly, get it out there, and validate the business before spending the time to engineer it for scaling.
B) Optimistic - Build it carefully, code for scalability, and launch it with the assumption that it must scale quickly.

With method A, your primary goal is to get the thing off the ground and hope that scaling becomes a concern. If you start to exhaust the resources on your initial server, you're probably gaining traction in the market. You can buy yourself some time by scaling vertically (adding more RAM, CPU power etc.) while you work on re-engineering your code for horizontal scaling.
With method B, you're sold on the viability of this product and you know it's going to be a hit. You believe that any hiccups in service would be more damaging than coming to market later. Therefore, you're going to spend the time to code the software for scalability up front and configure your infrastructure for growth.
Here are some Pros and Cons to each to help with the decision:

Cloud Pros
  • No hardware to buy/maintain
    Unlimited instance scaling
    Unlimited disk scaling
    Dynamic/Elastic scaling
    Pay for what you use
    Resilient and Redundant

Cloud Cons

  • Bandwidth limited and expensive
    Disk space expensive
    SQL storage expensive
    Lower performance in many cases
    Lack of control

Dedicated Server Pros
  • Full control
    Abundant disk space (to start)
    Inexpensive disk space
    Bandwidth is cheap
    SQL storage is cheap
    High performance
    Room to grow

Dedicated Server Cons
  • Rigid specs
    Always paying for maximum power
    Limited physical disk space
    Physical scaling limit (vertically)
    Hardware failures
    Configuration and Management
A dedicated server in a data centre somewhere is easier, the cost per month for a decent box (Quad core Intel Xeon W3520 RAM 16 GB Hard Drive 2 TB SATA Bandwidth 10 TB @ 250 MBPS DDos Protection) will be around $65/month at Waxspace. In comparison, a far weaker small cloud instance with Microsoft Azure (1.6Ghz CPU, 1.75GB RAM, 100GB storage) would be around $70/month or less than half that of the dedicated.
So the choice is yours.
Thank you….!

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Do you think Siteground is good? I find that they have package starting at $3.95/month (10k visits/month), at least for the startup pack. Only $11.95/month to handle 100k visits.
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