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As is the case with his shooting, it'll be fascinating to see how he develops in whatever system he's drafted into.Baldwin has come a long way in the last two years, but his NBA Live Mobile Coins maturation as a Madden Mobile Coins player is far from complete. He has he body of an NBA point guard. Can his game catch up?Follow @KevinOConnorNBAIf you ever lose your faith in the NBA, watch this 47-minute highlight reel set to Sting -

On Thursday, the NBA announced Sting would be the headline act for the 2016 All Star Game in Toronto, for reasons no one understands. In response, someone uploaded a 47 minute highlight reel of NBA highlights set to Sting's music, for reasons no one understands. In response to this response.

I decided to watch all 47 minutes of this video, for reasons no one understands, including myself. Here is what I noticed: DeMar DeRozan's highlights work better with Sting than I anticipated.Even though Sting isn't from Canada, there's something distinctly Canadian about this music. Toronto should dig it.

Was the humor of this video worth the time it took to upload? I sure hope it was.I never realized how good Carmelo Anthony is at side-swipe blocks. I feel bad that I haven't appreciated Carmelo's career more than I have. Sting is really making me reconsider some life decisions right now.

LeBron's highlights have no place in a Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Sting song. I think we can all agree on this.Man, Russell Westbrook is probably just gonna dunk on Sting during the halftime show. What a monster.Listening to Sting while watching Kobe highlights is a great reminder that Father Time is undefeated.I still have to listen to 30 more minutes of this?I really doubt
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