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Author Topic: FREE domain name registration & 50Webs upgrade  (Read 6917 times)
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I'm glad to introduce to our customers FREE domain name registration and
50Webs Totally FREE plan Control panel upgrade as a gift for the holidays season. public space : includes FREE domain name registration together with Totally FREE hosting plan.
The domain name is fully featured domain including Custom DNS, MX records and WHOIS database .
Domain registration and Totally FREE hosting plan signup are available via for new users
or via the 50Webs & Control panel for existing users.

50Webs & Control panel upgrade:

'Free Domain Registration' tab in the Control panel includes option for registration for existing users.
One year registration/renewal is always FREE,
this means that the domain can be renewed with the same conditions as you registered it.
Each hosting account comes with up to three (3) FREE domain registrations,
please keep in mind, we allow only one registration per user.

Some upgradeable options :
*** If you wish to protect your WHOIS info, the WHOIS protection is available for 1 year, the price is $5.00 USD

*** If you wish registered your domain for more than 1 year the prices are :
2 years  $ 5.00  USD
3 years $10.00 USD
4 years $15.00 USD
5 years $20.00 USD

*** Domain names containing 1, 2 or 3 characters (letters, numbers, dashes or a combination of them) are called PREMIUM
and have minimal registration period of 2 years at the price of $5.00 USD per domain name per year.

*** V.I.P. domains :
What are these V.I.P. keywords for ?
V.I.P. keywords are special words, that can hardly be registered as domain names with other extensions, but are available with the .WE.BS extension. Domain names with these keywords are available for registration at the price of $60.00 USD per year.

'Edit Your Domains' tab in the Control panel include Custom DNS and MX records for domain.
A and MX record are provided with each domain to enable hosting services with networks that are in the system of and 50Webs or outside the and 50Webs network.

'Add / Manage WebSites' tab in the Control panel include feature for transfer the existing * * host to your paid hosting account.

'FTP and Email' tab in the Control panel include detailed information for available FTP hosts and POP3 setting for server.

I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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